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Power Options NZ Ltd is a company with a history of 25 years experience in renewable energy solutions.

We are an Electrical Contracting Company based in Dunedin NZ , which has specialised in renewable energy systems.

Power Options

It has focused on providing clients with efficient and sustainable energy solutions. We stake our reputation on designing and installing hydronic space heating, provision of hot water, off grid electricity systems and Grid Interactive electricity systems. We take pride in being able to offer clients the Latento solar thermal storage systems, which we import, distribute and install throughout NZ.

This is a German designed and manufactured concept which has won the prestigious "Blue Angel" award in Europe. The Blue Angel award is Europes oldest energy efficiency recognition.

The major advantage of the Latento system is that it can efficiently make solar hot water available for domestic needs and also assist hydronic space heating demands (underfloor hot water and or radiators).

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The Latento system is designed to interact with backup heating sources. Completely automatically. The Latento control system will always maximise the solar gain to minimise the solid fuel or electrical backup energy used.

Power Options NZ Ltd imports and installs the Fu-Wi wood pellet boiler range from Poland. The Fu-wi boilers are a solid, simple boiler with a programmable controller to enable automatic heat delivery for underfloor heating and or radiator space heating as well as being able to heat your domestic hot water cylinder.

The 24kW and 33kW models are both hard to beat value for money boilers. The associated hopper can hold enough wood pellet fuel for approximately 5-7days heating of a normal household.

Apricus solar hot water systems are one of the most successful units by number of sales throughout NZ.

Power Options NZ Ltd is one of the largest installers of the Apricus systems in NZ. Solar hot water installation is an avenue of work where your reputation can very quickly be undone by one faulty install. We have been successfully installing Apricus solar hot water systems in South of NZ for nine years.

Being an Electrical Contracting business means however that our real expertise, gained over the last 25 years, is in the field of "Off Grid" power and more recently "Grid Interactive", solar wind and micro-hydro power.

Our long involvement with this industry enables us to source the best of equipment supplies and pricing. Our aim is to be able to offer the best system options for any particular client.

We have a philosophical commitment to the concept of distributed generation, and would strongly advocate that wherever possible the public consider this technology, especially for the renewable, sustainable advantage it offers future generations.