Power Options

We specialise in the design, supply and installation of Solar, Wind, Hydro power systems for any applications.


We also specialise in design, supply and installation of renewable energy generated hot water and space heating systems.

We use only world proven value for money products which equates to system reliability. A priority for any of our systems.

The Companies long history in the field of OFF GRID systems is where we have built our reputation. We know inverters, batteries, and generators.

Grid connected systems are now becoming mainstream and are recommended if grid power is within viable reach. Solar, wind and hydro sources can be grid connected. Any exported units will gain you payment from your retail Power Co. No batteries or generator are required for these systems.

The latest development in grid connected systems is to be able to have your solar generation available to use in the event of a grid outage. These systems are now available and we can supply and install them.

HOT WATER and SPACE HEATING are major demands on system energy requirements and we provide solutions for clients for both these demands.

These solutions are the most energy efficient available in New Zealand. They are hydronic ( hot water) underfloor and or radiator central heating systems and we are very proud of them.

The basis of the space heating system is the German manufactured LATENTO.

We are NZ’s only importer and distributor of this technology.

Our backup heating source to the LATENTO system are FU-WI wood pellet boilers.

We are NZ’s only importer and distributor of these boilers. The Fu-Wi boiler can be the sole energy source for these heating systems if solar input is not wanted.

For our solar collector technology we use the APRICUS evacuated tube system and have been installing these systems in the lower South Island for more than eight years.

Power Options NZ Ltd specialises in a total hydronic heating package , utilising solar energy as the priority heating source, supplemented where necessary by the Fu-Wi wood pellet boiler.

Become part of a renewable distributed generation network. It is the future. It is a realistic, sustainable, solution to rising global energy demands